Celia Rivera

I am moving forward in my journey of healing and well being. Nate, you have been very professional, perceptive, wise, understanding, nonjudgmental and very supportive throughout the process. You have help me regain my life back and your continuously guiding me in the right direction. I can’t thank you enough!!

John Lane

I have been seeing Nate for 3 years. First as a couple. And then when life got hard, as an individual. My daughter had been part of one of his summer teen programs. I look forward to our sessions each week as I feel comfortable talking about anything in life. He listens well and provides not only support but resources that could help me additionally. Nate guides you to find your own decision. I am glad to have found him. He is the medicine I need for my brain health. Nate helped me realize Counseling is not something to be ashamed of. Nate is so kind and caring to all he helps.

Mara Doster

I have been a client since 2015, and I have learned a lot through counseling with Nate Ford. I have learned to set healthy boundaries, deal with negative thoughts, set healthy relationships and understand my emotions. He is very caring and patience, and I feel very comfortable with Mr. Ford as my counselor. He also has a lot of resources to offer to clients; he has recommended me books, authors, and other tips.

T. Elkins

Nate is amazing! My husband and I benefited so much from his sessions. The tools that we learned have had long-lasting effects. Nate doesnt blame or take sides. He helped us to learn how to communicate and work through real issues. I would recommend him to any and everyone!

Julia Johnson

Nate possess the enthusiasm, positive attitude, and teamwork skills that are so necessary for the collaboration process…[he] successfully achieved the most important part of this process, which was the anxiety reduction and cognitive behavioral approach to encourage [the high school students he worked with] in persevering until completion.

Ben Boaz

I had the opportunity to work with Mr. Ford for a brief period of time. My impression of him is that he is a man of great integrity, very focused on providing the best possible care for his clients…he has strong ethical values…[and] is a very compassionate man. Another important asset is that Mr. Ford is very intelligent, having a wealth of knowledge about psychology…he is very analytical in his approach.