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Individuals | Couples | Families


Marriage Therapy | Family Therapy | Emotional Connection | Infidelity | Stress and Healthy Coping| Career Counseling
| Effective Communication | Autism Spectrum | Depression | Anxiety | Identity | Premarital Counseling
| Grief Counseling | Reproductive Trauma | Parenting Support | Trauma Recovery

50- Minute Individual or Couple Session
$ 80.00
60 - Minute Individual or Couple Session
$ 100.00
90 - Minute Individual or Couple Session
$ 130.00

I am Out of Network with all insurances.

This means that I can provide documentation of sessions, with a diagnostic code for medical necessity, upon request. Please know that this diagnosis is part of your medical record and could have ramifications on the military entrance, employment, or insurance coverage in the future. Also, contact your insurance provider ahead of time to find out how to submit the documentation (known as a superbill) and to ensure that you do, in fact, have the specific mental health service covered by your policy.

Please note ~ You may want to ask your insurance provider if your insurance policy covers couples counseling.